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Wild Womb Workshop

A beautiful day of gathering together as women and reclaiming our feminine knowledge and power!

We have been supressed for far too long and now is the time to join in the rising of the sacred feminine, unlocking the secrets of our wombs and honouring our rites of passage.

In this workshop you will learn about the beauty and power of your menstrual cycle, the way it reflects other cycles around us such as the Earths seasons and moon phases. We will be looking at our Menarche (first bleed) and what this experience taught us about what it means to be a woman. You will learn practical ways to support your menstrual cycle and how to practice sacred menstruation. We will be sharing in rituals to support the healing of our wombs and cycles. 






















You will receive & participate in: 

- Guided ceremony

- Sharing circles 

- Teaching sessions about the cycles of the Earth seasons, moon cycles & the menstrual cycle

- Teachings sessions about how to honor our cycles and practice sacred menstruation

- Guided Meditation & Drum journey

- Rituals to support the healing of our relationships with our bodies and cycles

- Small booklet to take home

-Organic lunch, morning & afternoon tea


$147 paid in full 


Upcoming Wild Womb Dates:

26th August 2023

in Albury (message or email for more info)

Workshops are also regularly held in Tasmania, please sign up to our email list (bottom of web page) to be notified with future dates.

“Spending the day with Laura at her Wild Womb workshop was so incredibly nurturing.  I walked away feeling totally empowered with a new knowledge about how my menstrual cycle is interconnected with the cycles of nature including the moon and our beautiful Mother Earth.

I came home and begun a whole new conversation with both my husband and two young daughters.  A conversation that will continue as I begin to honour my body by asking for what I need during my menstruation.

I feel so much more prepared to welcome my daughters into womanhood as they experience their first menstruation.  I no longer have that little twinge of discomfort thinking about how I might explain it to them.  What a beautiful and empowering relief!!

Laura’s passion for sharing this tribal knowledge is infectious and you can tell this is her calling.  This is such important work for Women and I feel honoured to have been welcomed into her home as I embarked on this journey.  This is a knowledge that will change the way all women experience their menstrual cycle and I will most definitely be recommending it to all the women in my life. 


~ Niki 

"Wild Womb was such a blessed day, I have never felt so empowered and inspired to feel into my own body and navigate my way through my natural menstrual cycles. I came from a place of discomfort and frustration around my period, but Laura was there to transform those feelings into pride and self-love with passionate teachings, meditations, drumming and a free movement session. Her space is cosy and homely, with an ambience that made me feel like I was sitting in a warm womb. Feeling fresh in my feminine skin, I left wanting to know more about how my body and my mind responds to my cycle, with a deeper connection to the moon that rises and sets so beautifully around us. Thank you Laura for opening your heart and your home to us, and I can't wait to return for another special day."

~ Adele 

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