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Medicine Drum Making Workshops

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This 1.5 day workshop is designed to support you in crafting your own sacred medicine drum.

We will be connecting with the spirit of the kangaroo whose hide we craft our drums, journeying with our birth stories, how this shows up in our creative process and weaving our personal medicine into our drum as we sit and craft on the land.

We have been drummers for a long, long time. Often when we first hear the drum it can feel so familiar and crafting our own drum can feel like a remembering. 

The frame drum is a pan cultural instrument and sacred tool meaning that it can be found in every continent around the world. Layne Redmond's powerful book "When the drummers were women" gives so much evidence to this with countless ancient paintings, sculptures and art of women all around the world playing the frame drum.



















What's Included:

- Kangaroo hide 

- Wooden frame 

- All materials needed to craft your drum (stencils, scissors etc)

- Written instructions 

- Guided ceremony

- Support during the entire process

- Snacks and cups of tea 

- A nourishing lunch on the second day


$470 paid in full


Payment plan: $200 deposit and 4x $75 fortnightly payments ($500)

Upcoming dates:

Castlemaine: 20-21st January 2024

Workshops are also regularly held in Tasmania, please sign up to our email list (bottom of web page) to be notified with future dates.

If you would like to help plan a Medicine drum making workshop for your local community please contact us and we would be happy to discus travelling to your area to offer this workshop.

Book Your place in my next workshop:



"Laura has been one of my inspirations with the womancraft arts for some time. Her embodiment of the wild woman ways activate a deep remembrance within me. I knew she would be the ideal guide to have alongside me as I birthed my drum. Laura offers an incredibly rich and nourishing space for all women to fully land and feel safe within. From start to finish she was intuitively on point for when I needed assistance or when I needed space to just be in my process. It truly was a magickal initiation which I am deeply grateful for. I loved learning so many songs and hearing Laura sing from her Heart. I can highly recommend her to anyone who wants an experience full of integrity, love, and true feminine strength."

~ Carlyn Hollingsworth

"I had wanted to do a workshop with Laura for the longest time and once I turned 40, I thought "what is stopping me?!"Laura is beautiful to deal with. She takes the upmost care in all her communications. From start to finish (and even afterwards) I have felt I was a part of something special. She creates a warm and welcoming space and gently guides you through the process. No question is a silly question. I know that is the days and years to come that whenever I play my drum I will be feeling a thanks to her. I fully intend to take part in her other workshops and will highly recommend them to

~ Julz Taylor


"It was about seven years that I had been following the threads to making my first drum. I looked into different teachers, I signed up for workshops and then withdrew, I researched making it myself with the internet as my guide, but they were all loose threads. And when I heard you were offering drum making, there was no question for me about whether or not you were the one to guide me.

Making my drum wasn’t a complicated process, but it was absorbing and intimate. I was so grateful to be supported and encouraged to follow my process in my own way and in my own space, without any need for excuse or explanation.

It is a masterful thing to hold space for simplicity and creation. It requires genuine knowing and trust in the essence of what you are offering / serving. And that is what I felt from making my drum with you. The space you held felt easy, infused with integrity and love and invitation to move in the expression of authenticity.

My drum is alive. As alive as the plants who I tend and the birds I speak with. To express my love for my drum is to remember the failings of the English language. The words are something like adoration, honour, admiration and gratitude, which spreads out and in, like the roots of a forest."

~ Rosie Cooper

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