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Cultural Womens Immersions 
In partnership with Red Earth Organisation

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Dear Women, you are invited to join us in five, special days on the Traditional Lands of the Barkandji and Mutthi Mutthi People.

Spend two days at the Culpra Milli Outstation and be welcomed by the Pearce Family, the Traditional custodians of this Land. Listen to truth-telling and dreaming stories that have been passed down through many generations.


Share meals and time around the fire connecting over this unique experience, yarning into the evening. Try your hand at weaving, an ancient technique that still exists to this day. Walk on Country down the Milli (Murray River), discovering more about the rich history of this Land.


Visit the breathtaking Lake Mungo National Park on a Discovery Ranger Guided Walk, where you will be shown evidence of ancient life and Australia’s oldest living civilisation. Learn about the women who continue to honour, protect and preserve this Land. Take in the beauty as the sun rises over this striking Country. Gather around the fire and listen to talks on Aboriginal lore and Women’s Business. Pause and reflect on the experiences you’ve shared as the songs of the cockatoos sound out your final evening.


We hope you can join us on this opportunity to connect with the land, yourself and the women around you.


We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Barkandji, Paakantji, Mutthi Mutthi and Ngiyampaa Countries on which we will be meeting, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

  • Join us in August 2024 to experience life with female Traditional Custodians on Country

  • Stay in privately held, remote Homelands which are inaccessible outside of this setting

  • Make meaningful, authentic connections with Indigenous Australians living on their own land

  • Learn about language, land, history and culture from welcoming hosts who are so willing to share

  • Be supported in a sacred space of sharing with an open heart

  • Meet other women to connect about sacred women's business

  • See how we can contribute to the sustainability of remote Homelands and communities                                                 in far flung corners of Australia


How did this partnership come about?

Laura Jayne (founder of Wilderness Within) has worked with Red Earth Organization for 3 years on many incredible immersions to remote indigenous homelands around Australia. On one of these immersions she was introduced to Sophia Pearce, who is now a dear friend. When Laura told Sophia about the work we do with Wilderness Within Sophia said something like "hey we need to do something together some day...". The seed was planted and now here we are offering our first cultural women's immersion to Sophias family's station Culpra Milli and nearby Lake Mungo national park this August. We are so excited for this and incredibly grateful and honored to be partnering with Red Earth!

Who will be leading/guiding this women's immersion?

You will be guided by two women Laura and Johanna who will be organizing all of the transport, logistics, camping equipment etc and have strong relationships with the traditional owners that we spend time with. We will pick you up from the airport, support you in setting up camp, organize meal preparations and offer some beautiful reflective sharing spaces. All cultural things we will refer to the traditional owners and hosts who we will stay with, there is so much to be shared and learn!

How do Elders and Traditional Owners feel about people coming onto their land? Will we be intruding?

Red Earth is an organisation driven by our Indigenous partners in the homelands of remote Australia. Our mission is to give Indigenous people the help they need if they wish to open the hearts and minds of visitors to their country, culture, and way of life. We only make our resources available if we’re asked to help. Traditional Owners are the ones who decide if and when people should come onto their land, not us.


What is the pre-departure program like?

Red Earth takes its responsibility to ensure that each person attending an immersion is culturally and practically prepared very seriously. We have designed an online portal for this trip tailored for your specific itinerary. You will be able to read up on the history of the area and the specific communities you will visit, read profiles of the Elders and Traditional Owners who will be hosting you, and look up useful information like packing lists and weather charts.


What amenities are available? Will there be showers and bathrooms?

We will have access to showers or river swims and flushing or drop toilets every day. It won't be like your bathroom at home, but will be enough to make the experience comfortable.


What food will be available?

While there will be opportunities for you to forage for bush foods, we bring all the catering equipment and meals with us. We will have fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy meals throughout the trip. We cater for every kind of dietary requirement and encourage participants to lend a hand in the kitchen. You can bring some food of your own too, but please note this is a 100% nut-free immersion.

Who can do this journey? 

This Immersion is open to all women ages 16+, over the years we have worked with women in their late teens through to women in their late 60s who have all thoroughly enjoyed our time together, there is so much beauty in spending time with women of all different ages and it is something we really value. If you have any questions around this please feel welcome to send us an email or text and we can have a chat. 

What level of fitness do I need?

You will only need a low-moderate level of fitness to come on this immersion. The walks we will do will be on pretty flat ground. As we are camping in tents you will need to be able to get up and down from the ground. We create a supportive village environment and there will be a lot of support and encouragement available. If you have any questions around your level of fitness or mobility, please send us an email or text and we can have a chat.


The unique landscape of Lake Mungo Narional Park







Please feel welcome to reach out via text or phone to us to ask any questions about this women's immersion.

Laura: 0476686671

Johanna: 0409989100

Read about inclusions and find more info on these beautiful women's immersions in this brochure:

" My time on country with Sophia was eye opening and life changing. Sophia and her family made me feel so welcome, taught me so much and I was blown away with the generosity of how they share their culture. I had some anxiety leading into this immersion as I didn't want to say the 'wrong' thing or seem ignorant, over the days my anxiety melted away and a real connection and understanding was formed. I am incredibly grateful for this experience, it is one that has truly changed my life, the way I understand aboriginal culture and how we can walk forward together. I have also deepened my connection with the land in new ways. I can not recommend these immersions enough."

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