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Forest Immersions:


Immerse yourself in one of the world's oldest rainforests with a small group of supportive women (maximum group size of 12). We will pick you up from Launceston airport in Tasmania and drive you to Corinna Wilderness Village where we will stay in beautiful eco cottages for 4 nights.

Walk through stunning forest alive with moss, fungi, Huon pine, Sassafras and more abundant diversity in plant life.

Kayak to lover's waterfall while watching out for sea eagles and other wildlife.

Cruise down the river on the famous Arcadia II boat and spend a day exploring the wild and rugged Tarkine coastline. Walk up Mount Donaldson and look down at all of the wilderness we have explored from above. Enjoy delicious meals and snacks lovingly prepared for you and go out for dinner one night at the rustic Tarkine Hotel.

Sit in circle together in the evenings reflecting on the experience and share in special practices to deepen our connection to Nature, sisterhood and ourselves. Give your nervous system a gentle reset in this magical forest, finish the immersion feeling grounded, connected and peaceful. Everything is planned for you, you can come along, relax and be present to this very special experience.

10% of profits from these Forest Immersions will be gifted to The Bob Brown Foundation to support the important work they are doing fighting to protect this sacred forest.



Day 1:

  • Fly into/drive to Launceston airport

  • Catch a shuttle bus to "The Penny Royal hotel" in Launceston

  • Meet your two guides and the other immersion women

  • Go out for dinner at the Kings Bridge Restaurant

  • Get a good night's sleep ready for tomorrows adventures

Day 2: ​

  • Continental breakfast 

  • Road trip together in our 12 seater van to Corinna Wilderness Village

  • Picnic lunch along the way

  • Stop at Philosophers falls and go for a beautiful 1.5 hour walk through forest to the waterfall

  • Continue our drive to Corinna

  • Arrive at Corinna and settle into cottages

  • Dinner and first sharing circle..

Day 3: 

  • Breakfast

  • Gentle movement practice

  • Paddle in Kayaks to Lovers falls 

  • Short walk to Lovers falls

  • Paddle to Savage River

  • Picnic lunch on jetty

  • Walk back to Corinna via Savage River walking track

  • Open your senses in news ways to connect with nature... 

  • Dinner and circle 


Day 4: 

  • Breakfast

  • Cruise along the Pieman River to the Ocean in the Arcadia II

  • Walk to the beach

  • Picnic lunch

  • Cruise back to Corinna

  • Barefoot wander along Middleton creek...

  • Delicious dinner at the Tarkine Hotel (Dinner and dessert included)


Day 5:

  • Breakfast

  • Mount Donaldson hike gazing at the magnificent views below 

  • Dinner, circle and final night celebrations!


Day 6:

  • Sunrise Whyte river walk, looking out for Platypus

  • Breakfast

  • Road trip back to Launceston

  • Picnic lunch 

  • Drop off at airport at 4pm


Some of our cozy cottage accomodation

The famous Arcadia II we will cruise down the river on


What/Where is the Takayna/Tarkine?

The Takayna/Tarkine is a very special area on the wild west coast of Lutruwita/Tasmania. It is Australias largest temperate rainforest and the second largest in the world.

As written on the Discover the Tarkine website: "The Tarkine is a wild, spiritual place. It takes its name from an ancient culture. The Tarkiner people, who once occupied the coastal region near Sandy Cape, were one of three Aboriginal tribes on the West Coast from the Pieman River mouth to the Arthur River. Ancient middens, hut sites and other artifacts make this coastline one of the richest human archaeological zones on the planet. These reflect a rich indigenous culture and spirituality which Aboriginal people renew in the Tarkine area today."

Who can do this journey? 

This journey is open to all women of all ages, over the years we have worked with women in their late teens through to women in their late 60s who have all thoroughly enjoyed journeying in Nature, their is so much beauty in spending time with women of all different ages and it is something we really value. Women are so welcome to book a space for their young daughters to come with them, it is actually so special to have Mothers and daughters on our journeys (we love it!). If you have any queries/concerns about your age or the age of your daughter, please reach out and we would be happy to have a chat with you. We are also open to women bringing their babies/small children, we would just need to have a conversation around this to see if and how we could best support you and your little one. We are creating a village together and please know that a great amount of support can be offered.

What level of fitness do I need to do this journey?

You need a moderate level of fitness for this journey. We will be doing some great hikes that range from easy to moderately hard. Our biggest/hardest hike is our Mount Donaldson hike, which is 8km and will take around 4 hours, we will have lots of spaciousness for stops and rest breaks. We are not out to climb all of the mountains, we are out to travel slowly, gently and connect with the beauty of the nature we journey through. All activities are optional on this immersion so if you are feeling a little tired one day you are welcome to stay in our cozy cottages and read a book/take a nap/whatever else you feel to do instead.

If you have any questions about this aspect of the journey or would just like to have a chat about how we could support you, please reach out and we would be so happy to chat. 

Can I come on this journey if I am menstruating (have my period)?

Yes! We want to create a supportive and nourishing environment for bleeding women on our journeys. We will be staying in comfortable accommodation and as mentioned above if you need a little extra rest, you are welcome to stay in our cottages and pass on an activity. We work together as a village to support one another and if you need any support bringing you a cup of tea etc, we would love to make that happen. There is space to spend time alone, go to bed early, whatever your body needs we can support you in that. 

What am I Investing in this journey? 

There is a lot of planning, organizing and facilitating that goes into these immersions, everything is organized for you, and you can come along, relax and soak in all of the magic, knowing that all of the little details have been taken care of.

The price we ask for these journeys is: 

$2355 when paid in full. 

Or payment plan: $655 deposit and 6x fortnightly payments of $300 (total of $2455)


The cost of this Immersion includes:

  • 1x night private room in shared apartment (shared with 1 other person) accommodation at the Penny Royal Hotel in Launceston

  • Dinner at the Kings Bridge Hotel in Launceston on our first night

  • Transport from The Penny Royal Hotel in Launceston to Corinna Wilderness Village and back

  • 4x nights shared accommodation in cozy cottages at Corinna Wilderness Village (You will be sharing a cottage with 3 other people and a room with 1 other person, If having your own private room feels important to you please contact us and we can discus options available at an extra cost)

  • Linen and towels

  • Support from two guides throughout the whole immersion

  • Arcadia II river cruise on the Piemen river

  • Kayak hire 

  • All Kayak skill lessons & instructions

  • 5x breakfasts 

  • 5x lunches 

  • 5x dinners (3x homecooked and 2x dinners out at hotels)

  • Lots of delicious & nutritious morning, afternoon teas & snacks 

  • A selection of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and herbal teas

  • Firewood for campfire

  • Facilitation & support in all women's circles, nature connection practices and ceremonies

  • Access to the "Wilderness Women" Facebook messenger group chat where we can keep in touch with the other women on our immersion

  • Become a part of the Wilderness Within community and the opportunity to join us for our yearly "Wilderness Women Campout" where you can connect with other women who have come on Nature Journeys/Immersions

What's not Included:

  • You will need to arrange your own flight to and from Launceston airport, along with a shuttle bus or uber from the airport to the Penny Royal Hotel in Launceston (around $20). More details on booking flights and meeting times provided upon booking. Please do not book your flights until we confirm your booking.




10% of profits from these Forest Immersions will be gifted to The Bob Brown Foundation to help towards the fight for protecting this sacred forest.















The rugged coastline we will explore on one of our days together. 




A beautiful Sea Eagle we will watch for on our kayaks and cruise down the Pieman River. 

Upcoming Dates

26th November - 1st December 2024

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"From the moment I landed Laura and Bec were warm, supportive and comforting. Going hiking in nature is one thing but hiking in nature with the support of kindred women who also want to deeply connect, share stories, songs and experiences is so much more! The benefit of having a tour guide & having someone else organize transfers, meals, kayak hire, day trips & schedules meant that i could spend the whole time RELAXING and enjoying every single moment, soaking up the tranquility of an ancient landscape and reconnecting with my own 'wild inner terrain'. As a single parent and small business owner this support and spaciousness was an absolutely INVALUABLE gift. I am returning home to my family feeling hydrated, full and inspired by my time away."

~ Tara

"What an amazing adventure I have just had with Laura and Bec on our Takayna/Tarkine immersion. They had everything so well organized that I was really able to slow down and take in the most stunningly beautiful sights around me. The hikes, boat trip and kayaking were outstanding. As a 60 year old I am a person with many fears in my life. On this immersion Laura was able to help me work through some of my fears, showing patience and understanding. I was actually able to really enjoy things that I would never normally attempt…. Eg…kayaking in deep water. I can’t recommend what the women offer through Wilderness Within enough. Would I like to do this trip again …..”YES” in a heartbeat!!"

~ Deslei

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