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Nature Immersion


Immerse yourself in one of the world's oldest rainforests with a group of supportive women. We will pick you up from Launceston airport in Tasmania and drive you to Corinna Wilderness Village where we will stay in cozy eco cabins for 4 nights.

Walk through stunning forest alive with moss, Huon pine, Sassafras and more.

Kayak to lover's waterfall while watching out for sea eagles and other wildlife.

Cruise down to the coast on the famous Arcadia II boat and spend a day exploring the wild and rugged Tarkine coastline. Walk up Mount Donaldson and look down at all of the wilderness we have explored from above. Enjoy delicious meals and snacks lovingly prepared for you and go out for dinner one night at the rustic Tarkine Hotel.

Sit in circle together in the evenings reflecting on the experience and share in special practices to deepen our connection to Nature, sisterhood and ourselves. Everything is planned for you, you can come along, relax and be present to the journey.

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Day 1: ​

  • Pick up group from Launceston airport at 10am

  • Drive to Corinna Wilderness Village

  • Picnic lunch by the lake at Waratah township

  • Walk to Philosophers falls

  • Continue our drive to Corinna

  • Arrive at Corinna and settle into cabins

  • Opening ceremony

  • Dinner and first sharing circle: How are we feeling? Fears & excitements? Our intention?


Day 2: 

  • Breakfast

  • Gentle movement practice on platforms in the forest

  • Paddle in Kayaks to Lovers falls 

  • Short walk to Lovers falls

  • Paddle to Savage River

  • Picnic lunch on jetty

  • Walk back to Corinna via Savage River walking track

  • Learn fox walking  

  • Dinner and circle 


Day 3: 

  • Breakfast

  • 6:30 am Cruise along the Pieman River to the Ocean

  • Walk along the coast

  • Sit spot 

  • Picnic lunch

  • Walk back 

  • Pick up 4:00pm

  • Delicious dinner at the Tarkine Hotel (Dinner and dessert included)


Day 4:

  • Breakfast

  • Mount Donaldson hike gazing at the magnificent views below 

  • Sit spot 

  • Optional Whyte river walk

  • Dinner, circle and final night celebrations!


Day 5:

  • Breakfast

  • Closing ceremony

  • Road trip back to Launceston 

  • Drop off at airport at 4pm


Our beautiful eco cabin accomodation

The famous Arcadia II we will cruise down the river on


What/Where is the Takayna/Tarkine?

The Takayna/Tarkine is a very special area on the wild west coast of Lutruwita/Tasmania. 

As written on the Discover the Tarkine website: "The Tarkine is a wild, spiritual place. It takes its name from an ancient culture. The Tarkiner people, who once occupied the coastal region near Sandy Cape, were one of three Aboriginal tribes on the West Coast from the Pieman River mouth to the Arthur River. Ancient middens, hut sites and other artifacts make this coastline one of the richest human archaeological zones on the planet. These reflect a rich indigenous culture and spirituality which Aboriginal people renew in the Tarkine area today." Takayna is an indigenous name for the beautiful, ancient forest we will be immersing ourselves within. This forest was renamed its more commonly recognized name "Tarkine" after colonization, it feels important to us to speak the true name of this place, the name that this land has known for thousands of years. We choose to speak the name Takayna with deep respect and gratitude to the traditional owners of the country we journey on.

Who can do this journey? 

This journey is open to all women of all ages, over the years I have worked with women up to age 66 who have thoroughly enjoyed journeying in Nature. Women are so welcome to book a space for their daughters to come with them, it is actually so special to have Mothers and daughters on our journeys (we love it!). If you have any queries/concerns about your age or the age of your daughter, please reach out and we would be happy to have a chat with you. We are also open to women bringing their babies/small children, we would just need to have a conversation around this to see if and how we could best support you and your little one. We are creating a village together and please know that a great amount of support can be offered.

What level of fitness do I need to do this journey?

You need a moderate level of fitness for this journey. We will be doing some great hikes that range from easy to moderate. Our biggest/hardest hike is our Mount Donaldson hike, which is 8km and will take around 4 hours, we will have lots of spaciousness for stops and rest breaks. We are not out to climb all of the mountains, we are out to travel slowly, gently and connect with the beauty of the nature we journey through. All activities are optional on this immersion so if you are feeling a little tired one day you are welcome to stay in our cozy cabins and pass on an activity.

If you have any questions about this aspect of the journey or would just like to have a chat about how we could support you, please reach out and we would be so happy to chat. 

Can I come on this journey if I am menstruating (have my period)?

Yes! We want to create a supportive and nourishing environment for bleeding women on our journeys. We will be staying in comfortable accommodation and as mentioned above if you need a little extra rest, you are welcome to stay in our cozy cabins and pass on an activity. We work together as a village to support one another and if you need any support bringing you a cup of tea etc, we would love to make that happen. There is space to spend time alone, go to bed early, whatever your body needs we can support you in that. 

What am I Investing in this journey? 

There is a lot of planning, organizing and facilitating that goes into these journeys, everything is organized for you, and you can come along, relax and soak in all of the magic, knowing that all of the little details have been taken care of.

The price we ask for these journeys is: 

$1855 when paid in full. 

Or payment plan: $655 deposit and 4x fortnightly payments of $325 (total of $1955)


The cost of this Immersion includes:

  • Transport from Launceston airport to Corinna Wilderness Village and back

  • 4x nights accommodation in beautiful eco cabins at Corinna Wilderness Village

  • Linen and towels

  • Support from two guides throughout the whole immersion

  • Arcadia II river cruise on the Piemen river

  • Kayak hire 

  • All Kayak skill lessons & instructions 

  • 5x days of support from 2 guides 

  • 4x breakfasts 

  • 5x lunches 

  • 4x dinners 

  • Lots of delicious & nutritious morning, afternoon teas & snacks 

  • A selection of teas, coffee, miso & bone broth

  • Firewood for campfire

  • Facilitation & support in all women's circles, nature connection practices and ceremonies

  • Follow up Zoom integration group call and sharing circle 2-4 weeks after our journey together

  • Access to the "Wilderness Women" Facebook group where we can connect with other women who have come on Nature Journeys

What's not Included:

  • You will need to arrange your own flight to and from Launceston airport. Flights can cost as little as $100 if booked in advance. Please book your flight to arrive before 10am on our first day.  That is our planned departure time, however we will wait for any delayed flights.  If you are staying in Launceston the night before, please grab the airport shuttle bus (approx. $20), or a taxi or uber to meet us at the Launceston airport by 10am. Please book your flight to depart after 5pm on our last day, as we will have you back by 4pm.  If you are staying in Launceston, you can jump on a shuttle or uber/taxi to take you into town. Please do NOT book your flights/transport to Tasmania until we confirm that the minimum numbers have been reached (6) and the trip is definitely going ahead. We will let you know when the minimum numbers have been reached.  




A portion of profits will go towards a sponsored position that we will gift to a woman who would love to join a journey but cannot afford the full financial cost for various reasons, this is a beautiful way of supporting sisterhood. 




The rugged coastline we will explore on one of our days together. 







A beautiful Sea Eagle we will watch for on our kayaks and on our cruise down the Pieman River. 



Upcoming Dates for 2023: 

10-14th May

26-30th May


(Collaborative body positive adventure with "Escaping Your Comfort Zone" Send us a message to find out more about this special journey). 

Book your place in our next Jouney

“This was such a transformative, life affirming experience for me. I felt totally moved in spirit and in my feminine power. Never have I felt so supported and supportive in the same breath. I grew to love and trust you all. To be able to share such a profound experience with you all. Deepest gratitude to you dear Laura for this incredible vision and the magic that you bring.”


~ Rose 

“This was the most incredible and transformative 5 days of my life. I highly recommend these nature journeys to every single woman! I stepped into my fear of ‘I can’t do this’ ‘I’m too old’ and conquered them all with the support of the community around me. I had no hesitation putting my full trust in Laura  to guide and support me on this journey. I can’t wait to do another one.” 

“When I went on my canoe trip I didn’t know what to expect. What I wasn’t prepared for was the deep connection and truth between all of the women in the group, particularly as none of us knew each other. Yet in that 5 days we created deep connections, to each other and ourselves, we shared our truths we were able to be free in expressing ourselves in every moment of light and dark, we could easily ask for help and support (something I have never been good at) and we fully relaxed. I didn’t know that that was what I had been missing. I have never felt that deep connection before and at first it felt uncomfortable but then it easily became the best feeling ever. A feeling of freedom, truth and acceptance on a level so deep that it is hard to explain but I am grateful for. “


~ Kerri Anne 

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