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Hello my name is Laura Jayne and I warmly welcome you to Wilderness Within.

I am so grateful that you are here.

I created Wilderness Within as a space to share my passions, skills and medicine with the world.

I am a nature guide, keeper of the women's mysteries, songstress and drummer. I am a woman of the Earth. 


A Bit About Me

I am deeply passionate about remembering, reclaiming and empowering the wild and sacred feminine within all of us, remembering our place as a part of nature, creating community and supporting sisterhood. 

I have spent many years working in the outdoors as a nature guide where I have been blessed to explore some of the most beautiful, remote and wild places in nature.


In my early twenties I discovered women's circles, which led me on a journey of rediscovering and reclaiming my feminine power. I unlocked the secrets of my womb, my body and my blood. I looked at my rites of passage and my wounds, I sat with them, I dedicated myself to my healing. And from this place a desire was born for sharing these new found gifts with more women so that they too can remember there feminine power.

Now I am in a place of weaving all of my passions together to create my current offerings. I offer from a place of deep love. If you attend any of my offerings you will be received with an open heart and warm presence.  

So come, sit by the fire with me, let us have a cup of tea, share stories and learn from one another.

My formal qualifications and experience includes:

Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation

Traineeship with Rubicon outdoor school

Graduate of the Four seasons journey program with The school of shamanic Womancraft 

Apprenticeship to holding Medicine drum Making workshops with Embodiments dance and Drum circle 

Wilderness first aid Certificate with Survive First Aid

9+ years of personal and professional experience in the outdoors

5+ years of experience in womens work (facilitating circles and workshops) 

4WD Certificate with Safe Trek

Food handling certificate

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